Saturday, November 16, 2013

First Fruits of the Ovenbuild, Or, The Coronet Rides Again

Here is my first wood-fired breadbeast. It was going to be a pizza but then the oven thermometer said HOT and the dough was ready, so even though it is not dinner time yet I said What The Heck, and here is my magnificent little friend.

It smells like this:

Yes. That good.


  1. I just found my oven thermometer and stuck it in there to see what HOT means, and in this instance it means "in excess of 600 degrees." So wow.

  2. WOW! No grass growing under your feet! Congratulations.

  3. Thank you! John admitted today that he had suspected I would never use the cookstove. He also says that based on yesterday, I can take the next 3 weeks off family and home related duties. Which you know if I actually did that, there would be coyotes hunting in the hallways amid the gales blowing through broken window panes.