Wednesday, August 10, 2011

White People Get Stranger & Stranger

I have always loved that line from The Brother From Another Planet, and today I am it.

These are four fleeces from my Jacob sheep, drying on the roof of our house. I went to skirt them yesterday to send to the carding mill, and lo! They were soaking wet! Because in what was admittedly not my finest hour as a logician, I laid the fleeces on a tarp in the garage after shearing…right over top of the floor drain. In which location they got soaked by the very many, many torrential rains we have received this summer. A-doi.

The roof was so hot it was burning my feet, so I hope I am today redeeming my reputation for solutions crafted using just what’s available in the Magic Cellar. With better attention to detail than I displayed in June, we will hopefully toast the fleeces just enough to be perfectly dry and not so much that they get all brittle and unspinnable.

And P.S. Happy Birthday, Eileen Flanagan!