Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Snow Day's Journey Into Night

K, so the whole earth oven workshop thing has probably run amok? But today, after reading part of a book called The Magic of Fire by William Rubel, lent to me by my far-ranging friend, Marilyn Anthony, of Lundale Farm, and being faced with our first Snow Day of the season, I decided to cook some beans in a casserole in the fireplace, a lรก Salem Witch Trials, and while I was at it, what the hay! Why not bake some bread as well? Now Rubel only includes flatbread and steamed Boston brown bread recipes in his book—teaching people to make sourdough and teaching them to cook on fire no doubt comprising too great an object for one hard-cover book—but since, like I said, I can already make dough, what the hay! And damned if it wasn’t just. so. good.

So I assume that, Salem Witch Trial-like, I have been possessed by some kind of Supernatural Item with an agenda about teaching me to cook with fire. Its purpose is not known to me, but I am enjoying the fruits of possession.

The beans, btw, are still in there. Maybe by breakfast, they’ll be cooked.


  1. sweet!
    Once upon a time I lived on an acreage...our oven stopped working so we roasted a chicken once in our firepit and it worked quite well I must say :)

  2. So. . . how were the beans?

    Hope you're having a great holiday season! - Cindy

    1. The beans were nomidocious. I would like to try baking different bean varieties and comparing them. I also have a sneaking suspicion there may be a real New England bean pot under the Christmas tree. Heh. heh. heh. Happy holidays to you and yours too!