Monday, May 5, 2014

Murder Most Fowl

Enterprise was dragged from her bed and murdered during the night. I don't know who the perpetrator was, but it must have been someone large and strong and gutsy, to walk right into a barn full of sheep and hissing geese and haul away a 20 pound turkey. I'm glad she jumped down out of the Hen Room on Easter Sunday and spent her last couple of weeks getting some sun and hanging around with other animals.

The sliding door to the Sheep Room no longer closes, and I am uneasy for the 3-Headed Goose that is sitting on the next nest over from where Enterprise was snatched. The geese are a lot louder and more violent than the gentle, docile turkey, but they are still essentially helpless against carnivores.

As you have probably guessed, John is going to Colorado tonight.


  1. So sorry. It is a cruel world, out there.

  2. Before John left, we wrestled the calf hutch into the sheep room, pointed toward the back wall, and set it right over top of geese and nest, so they now have a private suite that is a certain amount of work to get in to. Everyone was still alive this morning, so I am hoping that this extra level of security will prevent the geese from getting killed moments before their eggs hatch, if indeed any of their eggs are even fertile. Which is in doubt, given that the gander died of illness shortly after they began setting. Why do I do this to myself? I don't know. Because life without suffering and puzzling terrible circumstances you can barely figure out remotely OK solutions to is somehow meaningless or something. But how would I know, when I have never tried it? Because I keep doing this to myself?

  3. Poor old Enterprise. Those Easter eggs were something to behold. Life is a rotten bastard