Friday, April 18, 2014

The Easter Turkey

Turkey eggs rock! They are big and speckled! They make great Easter eggs! And they will make enormous deviled eggs next week!

Enterprise, the turkey, has a hard time walking now, because she is an overbred White. Fortunately she has decided to turn things to her advantage by sitting on her eggs (but not until I got enough for the holiday). There is no male turkey, so there will be no poults, but it gives her something to do.


  1. Enterprise is well named -- poor thing. Happy Easter!

  2. We had a bit of an Easter miracle--when I went out to feed everyone, Enterprise was out of the Hen Room where she spent the winter, and was over sitting in the sunshine near the goose nests, keeping company with the waterfowl she knew as an infant. Today she walked out of the barn with the others at feeding time, and later I saw her preening and shaking herself in the sunshine! This is a major quality of life boost, for her and for me.