Sunday, October 26, 2014

Severed Limbs

Just in time for Halloween, Great Aunt Matilda has been reduced to a pile of severed limbs. She was the enormous and fabulously old Christmas cactus I inherited when my friend Rodrica moved away, and she did alright for a while, until the summer that my daughter was in the hospital and I spent a lot of time driving back and forth. Whenever I got home, I watered the plants, on the theory that I didn’t want my plants to die and who knew when I might be back again? Consequently Great Aunt Matilda began a downward spiral that I just this morning realized was caused by root rot. However, unlike GAM, I am not ready to lie down and die. I saw where Lestat the vampire is back again, and if he can do it, so can we. 

I partsed out Great Aunt Matilda, threw out her truly disgusting crown and nasty soil, and am presently aging off her cuttings in the nice warm kitchen, whence they will be re-planted into a scrupulously moist-but-never-wet, highly porous soil and given literally THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. Which in our case means against the back wall of the south-facing, upstairs media room, a place suffused with bright indirect light. If she likes violent video games, moody French cinema and TV crime dramas of questionable intelligence, all the better. She will be borne forth in her clay litter to summer in the tubercular ward, if she lives that long. She will be treated to kelp cocktails. She will be fawned over tirelessly. This is an explicit bribe. 

I only hope it works.


  1. Another old girl bites the dust.

    Not to worry...her clone is alive and well...just remind me when you are here next.

  2. I didn't know she had a living clone! Yay!

  3. Wowza! Can you take care of me when I'm aging and ill? :)

  4. Lol! If you want to crank out 50 hot pink flowers a year (or equivalent), I'd be happy to! Obvs she was NOT a foliage plant. Yikes. Those are some long chains of homely.

  5. Melissa, came from Pearled Earth and love your humorous prose. So curious to know how GAM cuttings are doing. I want to know The Rest of the Story...