Monday, September 16, 2013

Giant Cheese

Yesterday I got four gallons of milk from the Fountain of Eternal Milk, and I made a big cheddar. Here it is getting pressed under 50 pounds of bricks for 12 hours, inside an old cider press that lost its twirly thing, and is therefore useless for pressing cider, but is excellent for being a cheese mold.

And here it is when it came out, with a tea cup for scale. The net is to keep the flies from laying eggs on it before it goes into storage in the cheese cage in the cellar for two months. So. I'll let you know at Thanksgiving how it turned out!


  1. Well...that remains to be seen. I hope it turns out. John looked at it today and said, "Cool! How do you know it's not full of fatal bacteria?" I think aging it properly takes care of that, and then if you cut it open and it smells weird and is a strange color, you give it to the dogs.