Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Angel In The House

I cannot say enough good about the after-Christmas sale bin at the Agway. It is especially productive of effective remedies for days when you can’t believe you have to pay for yet another tank of heating oil; you look out the window to discover you are not suddenly going blind, it is snowing again; you find yourself inclined to kiss the muddy boot of teenage firewood cutters who have the decency to trim to office-stove length; and you anticipate that like as not your taxes will be late arriving in Washington because they are trapped on the Maryland border in a blizzard.

This amaryllis did give me an appreciation, also, for how nice a white flower is with some variegated foliage in the rear, and I would like to try this out in the perennial borders, or perhaps in my new latest, greatest invention—the shade bed, which I have to build to bring the earth up to the standards of the housing inspector, or risk having to rail the summer kitchen deck. Which I am in no wise doing, because it would impair my diners’ view of Brewster Rooster and his lady friends. So, shade bed full of interesting white/variegated contrast it is.

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