Thursday, December 23, 2010

Most Carefully Upon Their Hour

Tree sparrows are a pert little bird that lives in Canada most of the year, but they winter here in the Endless Mountains. Often we don’t see them until January, or at least the week after Christmas, but this year they arrived most punctually at the feeder when it got light out on December 21, First Day of Winter. It’s like they were hiding in the bushes, waiting for their cue. Thank you, as usual, to Cornell University’s bird program for this picture. And now it's back to the cookies-and-eggnog feeder for me. Remember, it's important to keep a supply of unfrozen eggnog in your yard so that migrating writers can refresh themselves there!

1 comment:

  1. merry christmas! we have seen so far today a plump sleeping barred owl, a red breasted nuthatch, a brown creeper, a pileated woodpecker, and then the usual assorted suspects. it's cheerful and festive, all these birds! i will look for a tree sparrow too :)